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    Fundraising Suspended

    We have reached our fundraising goals for the year and as of June 30, 2024 we will temporarily suspend fundraising while our publisher, editor, webmaster and chief administrator (same guy – works for free) is undergoing treatment for his CLL). Suspending this labor-intensive activity will lighten up our operational commitments and allow us to concentrate our time and effort on maintaining our publishing and educational activities, including this website and Topics Alerts. We will report on the results from our sponsored projects as and when they become available. For an update, please see Topics Alert #269.

    Thank You for your encouragement and generous support.

    — The Topics Team

    A Community Effort

    This acknowledgement page salutes all of our generous donors. It is an honor roll of motivated people who have stepped up to make a difference in our approach to this disease. We believe that the sponsorship and seed-money support of carefully selected research projects can accelerate the development of new, low toxicity therapies for CLL.

    Tell Us How

    If you would like your gift to be acknowledged in honor of, in memory of or with thanks to another person, please include a note containing his or her name and address along with your  check. We will be happy to reflect both the donor and the honoree on this page. If, however, you would like your gift to be anonymous, please say so in your note and we will honor your wishes.

    Where We Are

    Since the Donation page went live, CLL Topics has received a total of $310,828.34 from 555 donors plus a $2,000 honorarium sent directly to Mayo Clinic.

    We have so far committed to funding four clinical trials:
    (1) Green tea extract (EGCG) at the Mayo Clinic, MN;
    (2) Low dose subcutaneous Rituxan study at the University of Virginia
    (3) Rituxan plus fenretinide protocol at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center at Seattle and
    (4) Imiquimod as an immune booster to improve annual flu vaccinations at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, UK.

    Other trials are currently in discussion.

    Here is a link to the details about each of these CLL Topics sponsored clinical trials. Your generous donations will help us continue to offer critical seed money to initiate and support important investigations such as these in the future. The involvement of the patient community in sponsoring and funding clinical trials is important since it reflects our priorities and our ownership of at least a small part of the increasingly commercialized clinical trial process.

    Updated: December 31, 2024

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    A Friendly Hand

    We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the following corporations and individuals.

    The following professional journals for granting us free access to their online or print publications:

    British Journal of Haematology,
    Leukemia Research.

    Our special thanks to the following volunteers:

    1) librarian and fellow CLL patient Brian Sholes for his generous help in locating published source materials for us;

    2) Steve Grice for his generous help in reviewing and correcting bugs and inconsistencies in the CLL Topics website ;

    Keith Friedlander and Guy Colombo at LKF Partners (our insurance advisors) for their generosity and professional help in obtaining D&O insurance for CLL Topics.

    Microsoft Corp., Adobe Systems Inc. and Symantec Corp. for their donation of office and web development software.


    Our Donors List


    Gifts of over $1,000


    $500 to $1,000


    Gifts of up to $500

    Adrea Rubin Management, Inc.
    in memory of Vince D'Agostino

    Malcolm & Victoria Airst

    Aaron Allbright & Gary Rodrigue
    in honor of Professor Terry Hamblin

    Anne & Alan Amster
    in memory of Chaya's Father
    in honor of Chaya & PC's work

    Anonymous (5)

    Elizabeth Bridgman

    Robert & Gail Blake
    in honor of P. C. Venkat

    Jane & Peter Carpenter

    Fran & Frank Conn

    Marian & Lew Cook

    Chicca D'Agostino
    in memory of Vince D'Agostino

    George E. Deichert
    in memory of Walt Deichert

    DeTemple Family Charitable Gift Fund

    Karen & Bob Driver
    in honor of Kathleen Beattie

    Debbie & Fred Dunn
    in memory of Granny Barb

    Steve & Arlene Dunston

    David FitzGerald

    Keith & Carmen Friedlander

    Penny & Bill George
    in honor of Robbie Blake

    The Milton M. & Ruth F. Gilbert Philanthropic Fund

    Daniel Glosser

    Kurt Grayson

    Stephen & Barbara Grice

    Jean & John Hartigan
    in honor of Chaya &
    P. C. Venkat

    Hewlett Packard
    Employee Giving Program

    The Richard D. Hannan Family Foundation

    Bill & Margaret Helene

    Michael Hill

    Bruce Hopkins

    Pamela and Matthew Hudson

    Adam Irgon

    Rodney & Jonnie Jacobs

    Elsa & James P. Joseph

    John Jeffries

    Digby Kirby
    in memory of Susan & Nancy Kirby

    James Law

    Lumina Foundation for Education
    Matching Gift

    Keith L. MaCurdy

    Charlie & Carol McCullough

    Marie V. McDemmond

    William N. Melton

    Jim Moore

    Dermot O'Brien

    David R. O'Donnell

    Quest Diagnostics
    honorarium donated by P. C. and Chaya Venkat

    Wendy Ramsey
    in memory of Joe Ramsey

    Kandy Quigg & Roger LeMay

    Chino & Shyamala Rao in honor of P. C. Venkat

    Adrea Rubin & Steven Pollack
    in memory of Vince D'Agostino

    Rachel Huseman Schneider
    in honor of Dr. Clive Zent &
    in honor of Chaya Venkat

    Graham & Andrea Spavin

    Daniel A. Springer

    Pat Stanton
    in honor of Chaya & P. C.

    Michael Sweig Foundation

    Bruce & Jackie Sue Taylor

    Chaya & P. C. Venkat
    in memory of Bill Duffy
    and Judy Fisher

    Radha Venkat & Peter Fortman

    P. C. Viswanathan

    Hal & Virginia Vincent
    thanks to Chaya Venkat

    Norman & Irene Ward

    David W. Weber

    Herbert & Vera Wells

    Mary Ann and Michael Winiger
    in memory of Vince D'Agostino

    Milt & Diane Wilcox

    Paul & Susan Zamecnik

    Eric & Deborah Zelnick


    bearded irises

    D. H. Albertson

    Anonymous (1)

    David Arenson &
    Marilyn Werden

    John Bales

    Barry & Sharon Bedrick

    Peter Berton

    Bruce Bocina

    Vicki & Jonathan Brammier

    Evelyn & Peter Buchanan

    Roberta Cappel

    Rod & Lynette Case

    Frank Connors

    Laurel Dauer
    with thanks to Chaya Venkat

    Grant Davis

    Paul B. Donzis

    Thomas Downey & Laurel Farnsworth

    Tony and Elizabeth Duchi

    Sandra & Victor Fuller

    William Gairdner

    James G. Giannopoulos

    Christopher Hatcher

    Ronald Herring

    Ursula Huebner

    Charles Hull

    Rowena Johnson

    David & Cassie Kottkamp

    Penny Leusink
    in memory of Bill Leusink

    Kenneth M. Lodge

    Diana & James Long

    John R. Ludemann

    Lawson & Mary Beth Mabry

    Jim, Charlotte and
    Valla Mielziner
    in honor of Anne Amster

    Joseph Mogil

    Katharine & David Newhouse

    Cathie Nicholl
    in memory of Chaya's Father

    Sheila O'Malley

    Blair Milton & Barbara Queen

    Sol & Diane Pelavin

    John Perry

    Lise C. Rasmussen

    Kevan Rehm
    in honor of Chaya Venkat

    Darleen Ros

    Louise Schulden

    Gerald Share
    in memory of Chaya's Father

    Ene Silberberg
    in memory of Chaya's Father

    Scott B. Snapper

    Daniel Sommerdorf

    Delmar & Joann Stuermer

    J. P. Sunderland

    Employee Matching Gift

    Jack Utton

    Beth Weigand & Mark Frost

    Josephine & Desmond Wang

    Carol J. Watkins

    Stan & Dorrie Wencley

    Phillip Williams


    bearded irises

    Suzanne Ahern

    Sharon Alexander

    William Allan
    in memory of Bill Duffy

    Always Learning Books

    Amper, Politziner & Mattia
    in memory of Vince D'Agostino

    Elizabeth Anderson

    Jay Anderson

    Richard & Debra Andrews

    ACE-INA Foundation
    Employee Matching Gift

    Roy W. Gibson Post No. 535 American Legion
    in memory of Bill Duffy

    Anonymous (10)

    in honor of John T. Tully
    in honor of Anne M. West

    Robert & Joan Anthony

    Rolf Asarnoj

    Dennis P. Ashley

    Evelyn Averill

    Deborah Baker

    John Balan

    R. L. & Alexandra Barnard

    Jane Barnard

    William Bates

    Dennis Bayer

    Kathleen Beattie

    Robert Beatty

    Jack E. Benton

    Jon & Ronda Berton

    Diane Bird

    G. W. & M. M. Bisshopp

    Lanny Blake

    Malcolm R. & Dorothy E. Blotner

    Wayne Blumenthal

    David Bohrer

    James Boland

    Richard H. Borow

    William Bosch

    John Bowman

    Peter Bray & Bridget Reel

    Diana Brinson
    thanks to Lise Rasmussen

    Chris Brocci

    Gerald J. Buchko

    Dr. P. G. Budden

    Elyse N. Burden

    Suzanne & Julian Burr

    Janice & Kelly Buskell
    in memory of W. Wayne Williams

    Linda D. Bussell
    thanks to Lise Rasmussen

    Derek & June Caine

    Timothy Call, MD

    Christine Callender

    Carlin Camp

    Margie Campbell

    Anne & Michael Cann

    Michelle & Aaron Caplan

    George & Alexandra Carides

    Lee Christensen

    Carol's Christmas

    David Carpenter

    William & Amy Carraher / Focus USA
    in memory of Vince D'Agostino

    Terry L. Caulfield

    Cecil County Dept. of Social Services
             –Executive Staff;
             –FIA Dept.
    in memory of Bill Duffy

    Beau & Shirley Chapman

    James & Susan Clark
    in memory of Barry Jones

    Kimberly & Douglas Clark

    Terry & Maureen Cogswell

    Arnold Cohan

    George Cohen

    Victor Copelan
    in memory of Anita Abeles Copelan

    Robert & Ann Corrigan

    K & KJ Coward

    James & Billie Cowell

    Stephen Cowen

    Glenn Cserey

    David & Lorraine Curtis

    James Danisch & Judith Chase

    Dee Davis

    Howard Davis

    Jeanine & Raymond Dawson

    Sheila J. Delaney

    Joanne & Michael Dereskiewicz

    Linda & Howard Deunk

    Inderpal Singh Dhanda

    Michael C. Dohan
    in honor of Joann Breuer

    David & Judy Dorner
    in memory of Bill Leusink

    Susan J. Dorrell

    Jeff M. Douglas

    Cindy Drost

    Hy Dubowsky

    Bill & Jennifer Duffy

    Richard & Claire Dunne

    Angela Duyao

    Daniel Dwyer & Diana Murphy

    Michael E. Dwyer

    Lynda Dyar

    Stephen A. Earl

    David & Tina Edstam

    Donald P. Eggleston

    James & Patricia Egiziano

    Leslie Eisenberg
    thanks to Chaya & PC Venkat
    in memory of Sylvia Eisenberg

    Polly Ellerbe
    in memory of Chaya's Father

    Linda N. Emslie
    thanks to Lise Rasmussen

    Paul Epstein

    Christine J. Evans

    Cheryl Evers

    Lee & Eileen Evert

    Mikhail Fabrikant

    Jason Far-hadian

    David Ferris

    Barbara A. Flasch

    Margaret & Joseph Fischer
    in honor of Keneth Scharneck

    Judy & Cal Fisher

    Liz Fletcher

    Edwin Flockhart

    Barbara & Kenneth Florence

    Gustavo Flores

    Christopher Fondum

    Natalie A. Fontaine

    Alexander Forman

    Ron Fortman
    in memory of Chaya's Father

    Mary M. Flynn

    Karen & Thomas Foley

    Mark Foss

    Lou J. Fox

    Mary Elizabeth Frederick

    Joseph Frick

    Jacob & Doreen Fridman

    Andrew Gach

    Chihiro & Ray Gannaway

    Sherry Gardner

    Stokes & Mary Jane Gentry

    Ross & Suzanne Geoghegan

    Donald & Kathryn George

    Dennis Gibson

    Cynthia Giebler

    G. Patrick Glenn

    Joel B. Glickman

    Vic Gobeil

    Gloria, Norman & Andrea Goldblatt

    Arthur Goldstein

    William & Katherine Goodell

    Sarah E. Goodwin & John D. Lisco

    Tamra Lee & Edward Gotchef
    in memory of Bill Duffy

    John R. Grady

    Alan Green

    John Green

    John Griffiths

    Dr. Michael and Rebecca Jo Grill

    Ivan & Mariette Grimaldi

    Lisa Grossman

    Susan Guenzel
    thanks to Lise Rasmussen

    John & Luann Gvozdjak

    Fred Gysi

    Anne Hael

    Evelyn Haertel

    Jimmy Hammond

    Priscilla S. Hanrahan

    Rosanna & Gary Harbison
    in memory of Mike McGee

    John & Priscilla Hardekopf

    Richard Harvey

    Beth & John Havey
    in memory of Chaya's Father

    Elizabeth Hawes

    Martin Herman

    J. A. & S. D. Herdle

    Shannon Hickey

    Dr. Priscilla & Roger Higgins

    Alan Hirst

    Frank R. Holder

    Allen Hopkins

    Rita Horwitz

    Susan T. & James M. House

    Suzanne Brooks House

    Sarah Hruska

    Brenda Hueston

    Paul Huffington

    Fred Hummel

    Installation Solutions, LLP

    ITT Industries -
    in memory of William R. Leusink

    Lawrence & Mary Jackson

    Leon Jacobs

    Peter Jacobs

    Lisa & Daniel Jahnke

    Jeffrey K. Janicke

    Roy & Janeth Jelinek

    Penny & Arnie Jellison

    Robert Johnson

    Robert H. & Joyce Johnson

    Barry & Karen Jones

    Elsa Tobin Joseph

    Phil Josephs

    Joseph Kamnik

    Gary Kaplan

    Mildred Keefer

    Thomas C. Keeler

    Ilene Kelfer

    Dan Kesselbrenner

    Declan Keogh

    Terry Kirby

    Meg Kimball / Focus USA
    in memory of Vince D'Agostino

    Margaret & Fred Klubben

    Paul Koegel & Ilene Bell

    Brian & Patricia Koffman

    Anuradha Kohls

    Elmer Kuhnke

    Aramez Kutrieh

    Karin Laakso
    in memory of Chaya's Father

    Dale E. Landis

    James Lawson

    Barry & Leena Lambert
    in memory of Chaya's Father

    Employees at LAUSA-Labs
    in memory of Anita Abeles Copelan


    James Lawson

    Kathy & Mark Lebedun
    in memory of Dan Diner

    Margaret & Normand Leblanc
    in memory of Bill Duffy

    William Lechner

    Jack Lee / Andrews Wharton, Inc.
    in memory of Vince D'Agostino

    Reinhard Lehner

    Mark & Valerie Lender

    Frank S. Leonard

    Susan H. Levine
    thanks to Lise Rasmussen

    Thomas Lewis

    Judith Lincer
    thanks to Lise Rasmussen

    Karen Lindberg

    Dawn Lipthrott

    Marty Liquori

    Sharon Litchfield

    Employees at LKF Partners
    in honor of Keith Friedlander

    Phil Louwagie

    Perry Lucas

    Anne Lucero

    Ann Macklin

    Judi Magnussen

    Elizabeth & James Mancini

    Tracy Mannon

    Rita Marion

    Audrey J. Mason

    Barbara Massey

    Laura D. Matkin

    Patricia & Robert McGee

    Marianne McGhan

    Paul & Joyce McHugh

    Robert M. Mattivi

    Raymond & Wendi McGlamery

    Kathleen A. McGrath

    James McVey, NOG

    Karen and Daniel Medema
    in memory of Bill Leusink

    Dennis, Robert & Patricia Meehan

    Elizabeth Meihofer

    James & Fiesta Merrick

    Norman & Judith Mesard

    Metrowest Center for Independent Living
    in memory of Bill Duffy

    Mark Metzger

    MH2 Direct, LLC - Chris DeMarco, Dave McPhillips & Mark Potter
    in memory of Vince D'Agostino

    Micro Focus, Inc.

    Dave Mikol

    Emrick Milligan

    Arkady Milyavsky

    Rachel & John Mitchell
    in memory of Bill Duffy

    W.W. & Ursula Moffett

    Robert Morgan

    Patrice C. Mroczkiewicz

    Laura & Amanda Murray
    in honor of Glynn Murray

    Terence R. Musick

    Lisa & Jack Nash
    in honor of and with love for Debbie & Jay Stark

    Allen Natowitz

    John & Darla Neal

    Egon Neuberger

    J. Ryan Neville

    William Newland

    Christine Nicolayeff
    thanks to Lise Rasmussen

    Irving Noble

    Joel Norman

    Joe Novinski

    Donna Obrien

    Laura & Robert O'Connell

    Thomas & Mary Ogg

    Matthew P. Olson

    Steven A. Orszag

    Ilse M. J. Ortabasi
    thanks to Lise Rasmussen

    Thomas & Sarah Overholt

    Terry Winter Owens

    Martin & Helen Paciello

    Arlene Pannullo

    Chris Paradysz / Paradysz Matera
    in memory of Vince D'Agostino

    Sharon K. Passarella
    in memory of Bill Leusink

    Patricia Weil Antiques

    Judith Patton

    Mary Jane and Glen Phillips

    Regina Pierallini

    Tony and Patti Pirretti
    in honor of P. C. and Chaya Venkat

    John F. Platz

    Merle Pollack

    Barbara Potter

    Laura Powell

    Betty & Robert Powers
    in memory of Bill Duffy

    Edward T. Prell

    Irving Putter

    Joshua Qualy
    in memory of Barry Jones

    Alan & Helen Queen

    Fiona Queen

    Gordon M. Quinn

    Norman & Marilyn Radow

    Christine & Russell Randolph

    Srini & Shuba Ratneshwar

    Robert Rausch

    Grace V. Rea

    Gary & Carol Reddig

    Grace Rentiers

    Betty Reynolds

    Carol Rhoades

    Guy Rich

    Carl & Donna Rindfleisch
    in memory of Bill Leusink

    Catherine E. Ringwood

    Choon I. Ro
    in memory of Bill Duffy

    William Roady

    Carl Rogat

    Alan D. Rogowsky

    Cesar Daniel Rojas

    Brian & Shelly Roles

    Howard Rolston

    Eric Rosso

    Marc & Joy Rothenberg

    Janet & Jerry Ruby

    Kim Rusinow

    Arthur & Barbara Safran

    Bonnie & Timothy Salles

    Barbara & Howard Sanderow

    Michael P. Sandford

    Kenneth & Anne Scharneck

    Dave Schmitz

    Julie & Allan Schoenberger

    Stephen Schultz

    Michael C. Schwalm

    David Sculpher

    Jim G. Sefandonakis

    Jane & Ned Stamey

    Drs. Stan & Carol Seidman

    Jay & Florence Seligman

    Genevieve M. Shannon

    Mark & Carol Shirey

    Brian Sholes

    Gene Sidak

    Nathan & Janet Silberman

    Hazel Silverstein

    Herbert Simons

    Trisha T. Sison

    Charlene & Daniel Skelton
    in memory of Bill Leusink

    Hal Skye

    Liz & Kent Smerdon

    Bernard & Edith Smith

    Elizabeth & David Smith

    Ronald H. Solomon

    Colin Speer

    Elaine & John Spiecker

    Warren Stanton

    Debbie Stark
    in honor of Dr. Brian Greffe &
    in memory of William Reifman's Father

    Douglas A. Stark

    Allan Starry &
    Cherie Renfrow-Starry

    Martin Stein / RMI Direct Marketing
    in memory of Vince D'Agostino

    Timothy & Catherine Stepanek

    Robert & Cynthia Stiehl

    Harry Stoof

    Loralee Strauss

    Willi Strobel

    Daniel Strol

    Frank B. Swayze

    Gina Sweetman

    Carolyn R. Swift

    William Taylor

    Judy & Gayle Tellis

    Maitland Gast Thomas
    in honor of Peter Thomas

    Dave Thompson

    Lisa Tiegel

    George & Hala Topalsky

    Roy C. Towlen

    Nancy B. Trent

    George Truett

    Nancy Tsuchiya

    Patricia & Michael Turner

    Michael R. Vacca

    Sandra van Droogenbroeck & Koen van Hoeylandt

    Rondi Vasquez
    thanks to Lise Rasmussen

    Chris Verhoeven

    Mary Versteeg
    in honor of Chaya & P. C.

    Phyllis & Patrick Villegoureix-Ritaud
    in memory of Bill Duffy

    Tony Viscardo

    Gerry Vitorello &
    Ed Gori
    in memory of Vince D'Agostino

    Herbert & Margaret Walker

    David Webster

    Weidman Enterprises

    Nancy Weissman

    Wayne W. & Miriam Fay Wells

    Susan L. Whaley

    Lori & Bruce Wheeler

    Jeff & Diane White

    Wicomico County Dept. of Social Services - LGA Automation Committee
    in memory of Bill Duffy

    William/Reid Ltd.
    in memory of William R. Leusink

    Jacquelyn Williams

    Tom & Audrey Williams

    Van Williams

    Liz Wilson
    thanks to Lise Rasmussen

    Steven D. Winkler

    Carol & Richard Witt

    Rachel A. Wolfe

    Renee & Franz Wolff

    R. J. & J. E. Wood

    Valerie Wood

    Rob Woodruff

    Evelyn Woodworth

    Jack Woon

    Mr. & Mrs. Marc Wunderman
    in memory of Vince D'Agostino

    Sachio & Irene Yamamoto
    thanks to Lise Rasmussen

    George & Mary Anne Yezukevich

    Monique and John G. Zasi

    Sharon Zimmerman

    column capital

    You can use the following links to review the financial statements, incorporation documents
     and tax exemption letter for the Corporation:

    Corporate Information

    Fiscal 2024 Financial Statement

    Annual Report to the Board for 2024

    Fiscal 2024 Financial Statement

    Annual Report to the Board for 2024

    Fiscal 2024 Financial Statement

    Annual Report to the Board for 2024

    Fiscal 2024 Financial Statement

    Annual Report to the Board for 2024

    Fiscal 2024 Financial Statement

    Articles of Incorporation


    Tax Exemption Letter

    Application for Tax Exemption





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