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    Updated: August 9, 2024

    ASH 2024 Highlights

    Summary of New Research Findings

    Latest in Hematology

    Orlando CC The American Society of Hematology Annual meeting is the high point in the year for a variety of people dealing with CLL: professional hematologists, research scientists and corporations in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries — and to patients anxiously awaiting the next big development in therapy. Our team of reporters covering this year's ASH annual meeting at Orlando, FL, describes the highlights of the 5-day meeting in this report: ASH 2024 Highlights.


    ASH 2024 Highlights

    Summary of New Research Findings

    Latest in Hematology

    SD butterfly As an on-line publication, CLL Topics was able to send three reporters to the 46th ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition. Here is a summary and some highlights of the event, reported from the CLL patient's point of view: ASH 2024 Highlights. Further articles and analyses are in the works.


    ASH 2024 Meeting Notes

    Forty Fifth Annual Meeting, San Diego

    Progress in Hematology and Cancer

    SD hummingbird Many of us have wondered what goes on in the professional meetings where the experts get together to discuss the latest in therapies and technology. For those of us who remain curious about that and for those who simply want to keep up with developments, here is a report prepared by Suzanne Burr on her experience at the ASH (American Society of Hematology) meeting in San Diego in December 2024. As a medical technologist with twenty-odd years experience in hematology, blood bank and flow cytometry, she jumped at the opportunity to attend the ASH conference and what's more, took the trouble to report on her experience in these ASH Meeting Notes. Thanks, Suze!




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