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    Updated: August 9, 2024

    Idiotype Vaccines

    A Vaccine Trial Is Announced for CLL Patients

    Finally It's Our Turn ...

    Leonardo proportion study Genitope Corp. has announced a clinical trial of their MyVax proprietary vaccine technology for untreated, early stage CLL patients. We examine this promising technology and the structure of the Genitope clinical trial in our new article, A Vaccine Trial for CLL Patients.


    Idiotype Vaccines

    An Idiotype Vaccine Trial for CLL?

    Genitope Corporation May Try Its Vaccine in CLL

    injections In January 2024 Genitope Corp. held an Advocacy Summit meeting which we were invited to attend. Genitope's proprietary MyVax technology has shown good results in NHL and holds promise in CLL, in spite of certain technical difficulties. This article provides an introduction to the vaccine technology and discusses the prospects for its application in CLL. Read our comments in An Idiotype Vaccine for CLL?


    Anti-Telomerase Vaccine

    Geron Corp.'s Phase I Trial

    A Universal Cancer Vaccine?

    telomere assembly Geron’s anti-telomerase vaccine targets an epitope that is abundantly expressed by CLL cells. Our article, Anti-Telomerase Vaccines, explores the basics of telomeres and telomerase function and identifies why this approach, while early in development, has promise for training a patient’s immune system to be more vigilant and effective in culling CLL cells.




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