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    Updated: August 9, 2024

    Avian Flu and CLL

    Recognizing Vulnerabilities and Taking Precautions

    A Cave is No Place to Live

    H5N1 virus You cannot have missed all the references to “bird flu”, “avian influenza”, “H5N1” and “pandemic flu” in the mainstream media. There are as many opinions about bird flu as there are chickens in China. We would like to add our two cents, but strictly focused on issues as they pertain to CLL patients, the special risks we face as immune compromised individuals. We also attach some up-to-date reference material that you might find useful, especially when you talk to your doctors about your needs. Read our article on Avian Flu and CLL.


    Flu Preparedness

    Pneumonia Is the Single Biggest Killer of CLL Patients

    Some Pointers to Resources and Education

    influenza The annual influenza season will soon be upon us. In Flu Preparedness we offer some research findings and practical advice on making it through this season, whether we are faced with the common or garden variety of flu - or a more ominous humanized version of the avian flu.


    Role of Pulmonary Inflammation in CLL

    Major New Study Indicts Role of Pulmonary Inflammation 

    Deadly Feedback Cycle of Inflammation and CLL

    inflammation Widespread anecdotal evidence suggesting pulmonary complications are a major factor in CLL is now supplanted by solid statistical data reported in an article in the November issue of the journal Cancer by a team led by Dr. Kanti Rai at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center. They confirm that pneumonia is by far the leading cause of mortality and morbidity for CLL patients, and the leading pulmonary complication among patients hospitalized with CLL. Our article, Role of Pulmonary Inflammation in CLL, examines the relationships involved and implications for therapy.


    CLL, Chronic Inflammation and What You Can Do About It

    New Therapeutic Approach

    Interaction between CLL and Chronic Inflammation

    inflammation Sinus problems got you down? Here are some conclusions from recent research in cellular biochemistry. The good news is that the linkage between inflammation and CLL offers a hint for a new therapeutic approach. You can read about it in the article CLL, Chronic Inflammation and What You Can Do About It.



    Key Inflammatory Pathway Controls Tumor Survival and Growth

    Focus on Nuclear Factor-kappa B

    nucleus Inflammation is an important driver of cancer growth as well as a normal component of the body's defensive mechanism against invading pathogens and environmental toxins. A family of related proteins, collectively called NF-κB, control the cellular triggering mechanism involved in this inflammatory response. In NFκB — Nuclear Factor Kappa B we examine these processes and discuss their implications for CLL therapy.




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