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Since the Donation page went live on December 16, 2003,
CLL Topics has received a total of
$55,129.55 from 164 donors.
Our original target for fundraising for Project Alpha is $75,000.

Updated: 10/04/04


The First of Her Kind

This acknowledgement page salutes all of our generous donors. There is one name missing on this list. We are sure she would have rejoiced in our activism and done her best to help this project, if she was still with us. Thank you, "Granny" Barb, your pioneering efforts to create a cyber village for CLL patients made it that much easier for those of us who followed.



To Honor Someone Else

If you would like your gift to be acknowledged in honor of or in the name of another person, please include his or her name and address in an email to us at . We will be happy to send him or her an announcement of your generous gift and reflect both the donor and the honoree on this page.

If, however, you would like your gift to be anonymous, please send us an email to that effect and we will honor your wishes.


Our Donors List


Gifts of $1,000 to $5,000


Gifts of $500 to $1,000


Gifts of up to $500

Malcolm Airst

Anonymous (1)

Elizabeth Bridgman

Robert J. Blake
in honor of P. C. Venkat

Jane & Peter Carpenter

George E. Deichert
in memory of Walt Deichert

Debbie & Fred Dunn
in memory of Granny Barb

Stephen Dunston

Keith Friedlander

Penny & Bill George -
in honor of Robbie Blake

The Milton M. & Ruth F. Gilbert Philanthropic Fund
of the Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland

Kurt Grayson

Michael Hill

Pamela Hudson

Keith L. MaCurdy

Wendy Ramsey

Graham & Andrea Spavin

Pat Stanton
in honor of Chaya and P. C.

Chaya & P. C. Venkat

Radha Venkat & Peter Fortman

Hal Vincent

Norman & Irene Ward




Anne & Alan Amster

David Arenson &
Marilyn Werden

John Bales

Evelyn & Peter Buchanan

Rod Case

Fran & Frank Conn

Grant Davis

DeTemple Family Charitable
Gift Fund

Paul B. Donzis

Sandra & Victor Fuller

Ronald Herring

Charles Hull

Rowena Johnson

John R. Ludemann

Charlie N. McCullough

Dermot O'Brien

John Perry

Lise C. Rasmussen

Darleen Ros

Louise Schulden




Suzanne Ahern

Anonymous (6)

John Balan

William Bates

Dennis Bayer

R. L. & Alexandra Barnard

Kathleen Beattie

Barry & Sharon Bedrick

Jon & Ronda Berton

William Bosch

Diana Brinson
thanks to Lise Rasmussen

Chris Brocci

Janice & Kelly Buskell
in memory of W. Wayne Williams

Linda D. Bussell
thanks to Lise Rasmussen

Suzanne & Julian Burr

Michelle & Aaron Caplan

George Carides

Beau & Shirley Chapman

Arnold Cohan

Stephen Cowen

Dee Davis

Jeanine & Raymond Dawson

Joanne & Michael Dereskiewicz

Linda & Howard Deunk

Michael C. Dohan
in honor of Joann Breuer

Bill & Jennifer Duffy

Linda N. Emslie
thanks to Lise Rasmussen

Paul Epstein

Lee & Eileen Evert

Barbara A. Flasch

Judith Fisher

Edwin Flockhart

Ron Fortman

Lou Fox

Mary M. Flynn

Sherry Gardner

Dennis Gibson

G. Patrick Glenn

William Goodell

John Green

Susan Guenzel
thanks to Lise Rasmussen

Evelyn Haertel

Jean & John Hartigan

Beth & John  Havey

Elizabeth Hawes

Rita Horwitz

Susan T. & James M. House

Suzanne Brooks House

Sarah Hruska

Fred Hummel

Penny & Arnie Jellison

Barry Jones

Elsa Tobin Joseph

Terry Kirby

Jon & Sharon Koplik

Elmer Kuhnke

Karin Laakso

Reinhard Lehner

Susan H. Levine
thanks to Lise Rasmussen


Judith Lincer
thanks to Lise Rasmussen

Marty Liquori

Sharon Litchfield

Employees at LKF Partners -
in honor of Keith Friedlander

Anne Lucero

Elizabeth & James Mancini

Tracy Mannon

Rita Marion

Marianne McGhan

James McVey, NOG

Jim, Charlotte and
Valla Mielziner
in honor of Anne Amster

Joseph Mogil

Jim Moore

Robert Morgan

Patrice C. Mroczkiewicz

Terence R. Musick

Allen Natowitz

Cathie Nicholl

Christine Nicolayeff
thanks to Lise Rasmussen

Joel Norman

Joe Novinski

Ilse M. J. Ortabasi
thanks to Lise Rasmussen

Terry Winter Owens

Arlene Pannullo

Laura Powell

Irving Putter

Grace Rentiers

Carol Rhoades

Guy Rich

Carl Rogat

Cesar Daniel Rojas

Kim Rusinow

Bonnie & Timothy Salles

Dave Schmitz

Jim G. Sefandonakis

Gerald Share

Brian Sholes

Ene Silberberg

Hazel Silverstein

Hal Skye

Liz & Kent Smerdon

Bernard & Edith Smith

Warren Stanton

Timothy & Catherine Stepanek

William Taylor

George Truett

Sandra van Droogenbroeck

Rondi Vasquez
thanks to Lise Rasmussen

Mary Versteeg -
in honor of Chaya & P. C.

Van Williams

Liz Wilson
thanks to Lise Rasmussen

Beth Weigand

Jack Woon

Sachio & Irene Yamamoto
thanks to Lise Rasmussen

George & Mary Anne Yezukevich



A Friendly Hand

We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the following corporations and individuals.

Name of Firm

Our Contacts

Lohr & Associates, CPAs, Uniondale, NY

M&I Marshall and Ilsley Bank, Sedona, AZ
(Our Bank)

McElroy, Deutsch & Mulvaney, Morristown, NJ


Ken Lohr

Val Petrosky

Warren Racusin


Bruce Taylor

George Parsells

You can use the following links to review the financial statements for the Corporation:

Fiscal 2003;
Interim 2004.


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