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Current Alert: #22 - 5/13/04

We send periodic email alerts to registered subscribers to CLL Topics.
These alerts may be short news bulletins, announcements of new articles
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 Topics website, clinical trial announcements 
and general information
 of interest to our subscribers.
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The Topics Alert service is not a discussion forum or chat room. This service is intended to provide a quick heads-up to our registered subscribersSubscription is free of charge and purely voluntary.

To stop getting the email alerts, simply send an email to: [email protected] from whatever email address you have registered. You will receive a confirmation request to make sure you control the subscription address. Once this is verified, you will be unsubscribed.

You do not have to be a registered subscriber to use our website.

The items below with asterisks are required for your name to be added to our subscription list; entering your telephone number is optional. Please use your real name and be sure to supply an actual street address. We will limit the subscription list to serious users of this service - CLL patients and their caregivers, not spammers or folks with agendas other than support for the CLL Topics community. The information that you provide below will be used only by CLL Topics and will not be shared with any other party.

Important: By registering for this service you agree that the contents of the alerts are provided as information only and do not constitute medical advice. Please be sure to consult and follow the advice of your doctors on all medical issues. You further agree that the alerts are intended only for your personal use as a registered subscriber and that you will not circulate or re-publish the content of the alerts.

The email address of Topics Alert is . Please make sure that your email client software, ISP or email server does not block mail from this address. In the interest of making sure there are no virus transmissions, we will not have any attachments to our email alerts. If your email server bounces email from Topics Alert, our server will attempt several more times to get through before it removes your address from the listing. If you notice that you are missing email Alerts, it may be because your email server is bouncing messages to you from Topics Alert. Please check to make sure that your address is valid and current and that the source address is not blocked or blacklisted by your server or ISP. You can re-subscribe after an absence by simply resubmitting the form below.


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