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Alert Number 160

Jab & Dab

Date: May 14, 2006

PC and I are back home and cooking with gas!

I would like to bring to your attention the latest article on our website � our sponsorship of a brand new clinical trial for improving efficiency of routine flu and pneumonia vaccinations for CLL patients. Here is the link to the article: Low Hanging Fruit.

I cannot think of any one other than Professor Terry Hamblin that I would have wanted as the Principal Investigator of this trial. This is an important project for us. Please do read this article carefully and let us know if you have any comments. While it is normal for us to take on a positive attitude when we start a new project, in this case I am inclined to think our optimism is justified, that this is indeed low hanging fruit. Long after PC and I have �retired� (once more!) and CLL Topics has become obsolete, I would like to think patients� lives will be saved as a result of this undertaking.

Will every single CLL patient benefit from this study? Do we expect we will have 100% response rates to immunizations as a result of this approach? Probably not. Nothing in life works that way. But I hope the majority of our members will have the generosity to celebrate hard won victories for some of us, even if they do not themselves benefit directly. I think this is a project on which all of us will look back on some day with pride, a wonderful Mother�s day gift to our small community.

A big �Thank you� to all the wonderful people who wrote to us while we were in the UK, wishing PC good luck with this therapy - we had very limited Internet access while we were there, and could not respond to most people. One of these days I will write again and tell you about all the other interesting and exciting things that have happened while we were in the UK, including an update on our favorite hypothetical patient �Harvey�.

Be well,


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