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    Updated: August 31, 2024

    Radioimmunotherapy Reimbursement Cuts

    Patients Appeal Against Proposed Changes

    An Important and Effective Therapy Option May Disappear

    faded glass We would like to draw your attention to an issue that threatens the availability of a valuable, FDA approved therapy for B-cell malignancies. Proposed modifications to the Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement schedules would make it uneconomic for hospitals to continue offering radioimmunotherapy as an option for treating diseases like the lymphomas and CLL. This comes at a time when a promising new clinical trial is under way at the Hutch to establish a methodology for using radioimmunotherapy agents effectively in CLL. See Radioimmunotherapy Reimbursement Cuts, our announcement on this issue and please take the time to add your endorsement to the patient initiative that has been launched to keep this therapy option alive. (8/31/07)


    Follicular Lymphoma

    Phase III Clinical Trial of Single-Agent HuMax-CD20

    Seeking Approval on Different Fronts

    electric cascade In mid-2006 Genmab announced the launch of a second pivotal phase III clinical trial of HuMax-CD20 as a single agent: this time for treating follicular lymphoma patients who have failed chemoimmunotherapy combinations incorporating Rituxan or Rituxan given as maintenance therapy. While the trial is interesting in itself as expanding the options for follicular lymphoma patients, it also serves as another clinical platform to demonstrate the theoretically superior efficacy of HuMax-CD20 when compared to Rituxan. The results of this clinical trial should be of interest to CLL patients since approval for the treatment of follicular lymphoma would put HuMax-CD20 in an FDA approval status similar to that of Rituxan. Read the details in HuMax-CD20 Monotherapy in Refractory Follicular Lymphoma. (1/21/07)


    HuMax-CD20 plus Fludarabine plus Cyclophosphamide

    Genmab Announcement.

    Phase II Trial of New Chemo-Immunotherapy Combination

    fractal cascadeGenmab has recently announced a new chemoimmunotherapy combination clinical trial involving its anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody, HuMax-CD20 (generic name ofatumumab). This is a phase II dose comparison trial. The Genmab protocol combines HuMax-CD20 with fludarabine and cyclophosphamide over a 6 month treatment cycle. The trial is currently being offered at four recruitment centers in the United States. There is reason to hope that HuMax-CD20 will be more effective than Rituxan both as a single agent as well as in chemoimmunotherapy combinations such as this. You can find our discussion of this announcement at: HFC Announcement. (1/9/07)


    Agent Orange Update

    The Price of Military Service

    Veterans Please Note

    Vietnam Agent Orange Our Agent Orange Update announcement will be of interest to veterans and others interested in the scientific evidence of the connection between CLL and Agent Orange and in the formal statements of the VA's approach to this subject. (6/30/07)


    Vaccine Discussion Group

    Invitation from NHL Idiotype Vaccine Trial Survivors

    MyVax Trial Participants Please Note

    Lymphoma Vaccine logo Participants in Genitope Corporation's new clinical trial of their MyVax technology for CLL patients have been graciously invited to join a discussion group founded by NHL survivors who have gone through idiotype vaccine trials themselves. To see the announcement, please click here: NHL Vaccine Discussion Group. (6/22/06)


    Online Survey

    Statistical Study Under Way

    Mayo Clinic Measures Quality of Life for CLL Patients

    QOL Survey logo CLL Patients are invited and encouraged to participate in an online survey being conducted by the CLL investigators at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN. The survey is intended to capture data from as wide a patient population as possible, so we encourage all CLL patients to take the time to fill it out, regardless of their location or experience with the disease.

    We hope the data from the survey will help establish guidelines for best practices for management and treatment of CLL. QOL Survey. (6/20/06)



    New Resources and Initiatives

    CLL Global Research Foundation

    CLL Global Research A new organization has been created to pursue and validate therapy options for CLL. The CLL Global Research Foundation, under the leadership of Dr. Michael J. Keating of M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, seeks "new, effective, low toxicity treatments". Among its objectives is the acceleration of new ideas and the rapid transfer of laboratory results to clinical applications. In an article titled CLL Global Research Foundation, we welcome this development and discuss a proposal made by CLL Topics to this new, well-funded entity that seeks a partnership with the patient community. (3/18/05)



    Oral EGCG Products Now Available to Consumers

    Two Suppliers Enter the Market

    chocolates We are pleased to announce that after a little encouragement from us, two independent sources are ready to ship EGCG-containing candies. Canadian supplier Origin Biomedicinals, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is ready to ship its Can-Tea Max hard candy, ideal for slow oral-mucosal delivery of the EGCG. Neuchatel Chocolates of Oxford Pennsylvania, takes a different approach with its delicious (we think) EGCG-laced dark Swiss chocolate and sugar-free milk chocolates. To read more about these items and how you can order them, please visit our page on EGCG Candies. (12/10/04)


    CDC Advisory

    Response to Flu Vaccine Shortage

    Guidelines Issued for the Use of Antivirals for High Risk Patients

    CDC Advisory Topics Alert Number 54, CDC Advisory on Antivirals in Response to Flu Vaccine Shortage has important information for immune compromised patients. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have released new interim guidelines to advise physicians on the use of antiviral medications during the current influenza season. If you are a CLL patient, you fall into the high risk category and should pay attention. (10/26/04)




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