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    Index of Articles

    Updated: March 19, 2024

    Unlike our other index pages, in this one the earlier articles are on top and the latest, at the bottom.
    You can read the latest on how Harvey is doing with his cord blood stem cell transplant in Harvey's Journal.

    Combination Immunotherapy for a Difficult Case

    The Round-Headed Kid May Finally Get to Kick One Between the Goal Posts.

    Choices are Trickier for Patients with Poor Cytogenetic Aberrations

    companions Lucy may have never given Charlie Brown that perfect opportunity to kick a field goal, but we give our own round-headed hero, Harvey, a hand in figuring out what to do when he gets some bad news on the cytogenetics front. Faced with a 11q deletion event, our hero gets down to facing the facts and grappling with some thorny questions. Read about Harvey's problems and his approach to a solution. A long list of abstracts points the way to a possible therapeutic strategy in The Difficult Case of the Round-headed Kid.


    Therapy Choice

    An Update on How the RHK Protocol Worked Out for Harvey; and Some New Choices He Now Faces

    The Continuing Saga of Harvey, the Round-headed Kid

    companions When Harvey learned that his hitherto indolent CLL had evolved to include a 11q deletion, he decided to learn what the bad news meant. Based on extensive reading and with the help of a doctor who knew how to listen, he came up with the RHK protocol. In this continuation of our hypothetical case study, we follow Harvey's progress on the protocol. Our hero's hard work produces great results but now he and his doctor have to decide if and what additional treatment will further reduce the remaining disease. You can read about this sequel in " The Continuing Saga of Harvey, the Round-headed Kid".


    Harvey's Chocolates

    The Round-Headed Kid Has a Sweet Experience

    Porting EGCG to the System

    Chocolate Truffle We present one possible way of improving the bioavailability of EGCG through oral and mucosal absorption of the potent phytochemical. Read Harvey's Chocolates to discover the formula, the sweetest way yet to get the phytochemical into your system.


    Maintaining and Managing a Remission

    The Dangers of Overmedication

    Updates on the Case of the RHK

    companions Harvey, our Round Headed Kid, is experiencing the benefits of a deep remission after going through the "RHK protocol" three months ago. He is on an aggressive regimen of medication, supplements and exercise, a program that he and Serena negotiated with "Doc" to keep his remission going. However, nothing is simple for our hero. In this update Harvey and Serena find out from a blood test that it pays to be vigilant - you will learn about the dangers of drug interaction and overmedication in the Remission Management for the Round-headed Kid, the next couple of snapshots in our continuing case study.


    Adverse Effects

    The Downside of Rituxan Therapy

    Harvey Runs into a Road-block

    traffic barrier Since our hypothetical patient Harvey has developed a modest following of his own, our readers will be interested in some new developments. Harvey’s experience coincides with recently published reports on new adverse effects of Rituxan therapy. While the post-marketing surveillance of Rituxan has so far identified only a small percentage of patients having these serious adverse effects, the danger is high and very real for these patients and therefore worth discussing. Find the details in our next installment of the Harvey Saga, Harvey Runs into a Road-block.


    HuMax-CD20 in Action

    Harvey Is Back

    Genmab in the News

    antibody We have an opportunity to see HuMax-CD20 in action when Harvey and Serena pack their bags and travel to England in pursuit of therapy with this new agent. To learn more, read: Genmab in the News.


    Strategy & Tactics

    Harvey Chooses to Fight on His Own Terms

    Battle Plans

    Glass Harvey, our purely hypothetical patient with challenging cytogenetics, is not unique in facing a complex and aggressive disease. However, he is determined to be as organized and logical about it as he can and use his resources to the best effect. He has put together a plan that may give him a chance to beat the disease and live to be an old man. Read about his battle plans in Strategy and Tactics..

    Incidentally, we would also like to tell you about future changes in our operations and fundraising efforts here at CLL Topics.


    Harvey's Journal

    Reports on an Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Transplant

    Read What Chaya and Harvey Say about His Transplant

    Harvey's Journal Logo We have launched a new online journal, detailing the background and stages of a cord blood stem cell transplant for our case study patient, Harvey. Please do visit. Your comments are welcome. (2/25/08)



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