This is the journal of “Harvey”, a chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) patient, as he went through a mini-allo (also called a reduced intensity or non-myeloablative) umbilical cord blood stem cell transplant at the University of Minnesota. If you are a new reader to this journal, you may want to read earlier installments of Harvey’s story on the CLL Topics website. I am told there is an uncanny resemblance between Harvey and my husband PC!

Dear reader, this journal reports the facts faithfully, neither sugar-coating the issues nor looking to sensationalize downturns in Harvey’s journey down this road. On your part, you must realize that these journal entries are not always inspirational or fun stuff, there are rough patches that will be far from soothing bedtime reading. I am not a physician or psychologist, nor am I qualified to give you medical advice. I am an interested layperson reporter − but more than that I am a patient spouse and in that sense I walk in your shoes. I strongly advice you to seek professional help from your own medical team before you make therapy decisions for yourself. CLL Topics and this Journal are a labor of love. We are all volunteers here. None of us have any links to companies or other organizations connected with the health care industry; neither I nor anyone else associated with this effort makes a single dime from it. As for my educational background, you can read about it on our website: Chaya’s Research Credentials.

If you are an existing member of our CLL Topics community, you know what we are all about. If you are a new visitor, we welcome you and hope you find this journal and the parent website to your liking. If this journal succeeds in helping even a few transplant patients in their own journey down this complicated and scary road, I will be content.

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Table of Contents:

  1. 2008-02-25 An Introduction to this Journal
  2. 2008-02-27 Planning for Success
  3. 2008-02-28 Finding that Perfect Match
  4. 2008-02-29 “Lite” Stem Cell Transplants
  5. 2008-03-01 Three Sources of Stem Cells for Transplants
  6. 2008-03-04 Clinical Trial Details
  7. 2008-03-06 Making Therapy Decisions With Eyes Wide Open
  8. 2008-03-15 Minneapolis, Here We Come
  9. 2008-03-17 Revlimid (lenalidomide)
  10. 2008-03-20 Easy In, Easy Out
  11. 2008-03-22 Bring On the Heavy Guns
  12. 2008-03-24 This Too Shall Pass
  13. 2008-03-26 Day Zero
  14. 2008-03-28 Aftermath
  15. 2008-03-29 CMV Viral Reactivation
  16. 2008-03-31 Hospitals Learn to Say Sorry
  17. 2008-04-02 A Different Kind of Watch & Wait
  18. 2008-04-04 A Day in the Transplant Ward
  19. 2008-04-05 FUO
  20. 2008-04-07 Some Good News to Report
  21. 2008-04-10 A New Phase Starts
  22. 2008-04-12 Better Living Through Chemicals
  23. 2008-04-14 Your Good Deed For The Day
  24. 2008-04-15 Mini-Allo Transplant Statistics
  25. 2008-04-18 Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
  26. 2008-04-23 It Is A Boy!
  27. 2008-04-24 Coming Up The Learning Curve
  28. 2008-04-28 Scary Times
  29. 2008-05-02 We Have a Suspect in Custody
  30. 2008-05-03 The Buck Stopped With Him
  31. 2008-05-08 Going No Where Fast
  32. 2008-05-14 Eat Your Yogurt
  33. 2008-05-21 Quickie Update
  34. 2008-05-22 Springtime!
  35. 2008-05-31 Doldrums
  36. 2008-06-09 An Unexpected Left Turn?
  37. 2008-06-20 A Very Hard Reality to Face
  38. 2008-06-21 Knee Deep In Alligators
  39. 2008-06-24 Death In The Family
  40. 2008-06-26 P. C. Venkat, 1949-2008