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    Updated: July 28, 2024

    NK-cell Therapy: Better than a transplant?

    GVL without GVHD?

    Having Your Cake and Eating It Too

    Mandelbrot Part New research findings point to NK (Natural Killer) cells as the most potent cell line capable of GVL (graft-versus-leukemia), but these cells do not seem to do as much GVHD (Graft-Versus-Host-Disease). A brand new clinical trial launched at the University of Minnesota uses haplo NK cells in an attempt to get the much desired GVL, while steering clear of the dreaded GVHD. This is an early stage trial but one with sufficient potential that CLL Topics has decided to sponsor it and fund part of its cost. Most of our patients will have access to haplo donors, since children are by definition haplo match to their parents. For late stage patients unsure about submitting to the risks of a stem cell transplant, or who do not have suitable adult donors, this NK cell clinical trial may be a good fit. Our review NK-cell Therapy: Better than a transplant? describes the background, rationale and advantages of this approach, as well as providing inclusion criteria and contact information.


    Improving Flu Vaccinations

    Launch of Phase II Clinical Trial Sponsored by CLL Topics

    Jab & Dab: At Last We Have Liftoff!

    Tiffany glass The clinical trial we first announced in our May 13, 2024 article, Improving Routine Immunizations, has finally cleared all hurdles and the research team at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital is ready to recruit patients for this controlled Phase II clinical trial. The trial is designed to compare the results from imiquimod-enhanced flu shots to results from an age-matched control group. We discuss the science, trial protocol and enrollment criteria in a new article titled Jab & Dab: We Have Liftoff!. The patient community has tremendous “ownership” in this trial: the concept originated at CLL Topics, and it is sponsored with your donation money!


    Rituxan plus Fenretinide

    A Match Made in Heaven?

    A New Combination Therapy Is on Trial at the Hutch

    Dawn Sky We announce the launch of a promising Phase II clinical trial at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. The trial combines Rituxan with a Vitamin A analogue called fenretinide, already in wide use as a maintenance agent in other cancers. This combination offers the potential of low-toxicity and possible synergy between the two agents — and that could mean an effective therapy for CLL. This trial is sponsored and partly funded by CLL Topics — with your hard-earned donation dollars. That should tell you what we think of this approach. Read and evaluate for yourself the logic behind the protocol and the promise that it offers — Rituxan plus Fenretinide: a Match Made in Heaven?


    Fundraising and Sponsorship Philosophy

    How We Select Research Projects to Sponsor and Support

    Factoring Patients' Priorities into Clinical Trials

    abacus When it comes to spending our donors' money on clinical trials, we try to make every last dollar count. Even more important, we try to get projects launched that have the potential to make a difference to patient survival and quality of life. Please read Our Fundraising and Sponsorship Philosophy to understand objectives and the logic behind our efforts.


    Sponsored Clinical Trial: University of Virginia

    CD20 Shaving with Rituxan

    Are Standard Dosages Way Too Much?

    epitopes The original dosing scheme for Rituxan was quite arbitary — but it seemed to do the job. A research team at the University of Virginia is now examining the finer features of how Rituxan works and is asking an important question: when does it make sense to use less of this drug than the dosage standard? In this article we examine the concept of "CD20 shaving" and introduce a research project at UVA that we will be sponsoring and supporting financially. The answers from this research can have an important bearing on the best way to utilize this valuable monoclonal antibody. Details in CD20 Shaving with Rituxan.


    Sponsored Clinical Trial: Royal Bournemouth Hospital

    Low Hanging Fruit

    Improving Routine Immunizations

    tomato button Sometimes, when luck is running our way and all the stars are in their correct positions in the heavens, everything comes together just so and we have an opportunity to do ourselves a favor as a community. In our new article, Improving Immunizations, we present a clinical trial to test a method that may boost the efficacy of routine immunizations for CLL patients. We are happy to report that Prof. Terry Hamblin is now working on making this trial a reality.


    Sponsored Clinical Trial: Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

    A Patient Sponsored Clinical Trial

    Project Alpha Kickoff

    EGCG molecule It has taken longer than we thought it would, but we are pleased to announce Project Alpha is finally ready to start recruiting patients. It represents a first of its kind collaboration between patients and the research community.  Your hard earned money went into making this "EGCG trial" a reality. You can read all the details of this newly announced clinical trial at Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN, in our new article, Project Alpha Kickoff.


    Project Alpha Update

    Drum Rolls and Announcements

    We Pass Two Milestones

    EGCG molecule We have some important information to report on our patient-sponsored clinical trial initiative, Project Alpha. First, we have clearance to announce the agents that will be used in the trial. Read Project Alpha Milestones to learn about the agents and the logic for using them. We also finally hear from our favorite governmental agency, the IRS, on our tax-exempt status.


    Project Alpha Launch

    Collaboration with Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

    Our Clinical Research Partner for Project Alpha

    EGCG molecule With this December 16, 2024 announcement we officially launch Project Alpha and commence fundraising. Click here to read the Mayo Clinic press release and our announcement.


    Project Alpha Proposal

    A Patient-Sponsored and Patient-Supported Clinical Trial

    CLL Topics Lays Out the Logic and Scientific Background for a Clinical Trial

    EGCG molecule With this September 22, 2024 announcement we officially launch Project Alpha and commence fundraising. Click here to read the Project Alpha proposal which contains the logic and objectives behind this patient-sponsored clinical research initiative.




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