We Need to Learn From Our Mistakes

I want to share this interesting story in the Minneapolis Star Tribune dated March 29. It could not be more timely and I cannot agree more with the points made in this article. I am deeply convinced that the confrontational nature of our society actually makes it harder for people and institutions to learn from mistakes. What we do not learn, we are bound to repeat. And everyone loses. I hope the initiative shown by the hospitals in this story spreads across the land.


An unrelated observation: it is cold and blustery day in Minneapolis, the snow is blowing horizontally as I type. This morning, like every morning, as I came into the transplant clinic I could not but help notice the usual bunch of determined smokers clustered outside the building getting their needed nicotine fix. What makes the picture all the sadder is that most of them are tethered to infusion poles, garbed in hospital smocks. These were patients with serious ailments for which hospitalization and intravenous drug therapy of some sort is obviously needed. And yet, the addiction rules their lives.

Harvey is doing well. The past couple of days have been uneventful. His appetite is gradually improving and the nausea has retreated. Things are quiet and we pass the time reading, listening to music or watching the snow outside the window. I wish time passed faster, but some one a lot wiser than me once told me to never wish for faster passage of time. It passes all too soon for us mortals.

Be well,